What Is The Cost Of Artificial Grass

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What is the Cost of Artificial Grass?

What is an Artificial Grass? It is actually a synthetic grass that is made of filaments which are threaded into a backing that helps the water let through. The back part of this grass is supported with a drainage layer, which usually has compacted gravel which is fastened along the perimeter. Once this Artificial Grass is downed on the floor its top is filled with sand or recycled crumb which protects it from blowing away in stiff breeze.

These days synthetic grass is made up of nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene that’s crafted to look like various genuine species in the world. Few grass types have a thatched layer beneath the synthetic grass which makes the installed area look less Stepford-like giving it a realistic look.

How much does it cost and where we can install it?

The cost of synthetic grass differs according to their manufacturers, quality of the material used, and height of the grass and density of piles (grass hairs). This synthetic grass is a wonderful product for the urbanized citizens who hardly visit greenery around them due to concrete buildings and bring their home greenery. It is actually a bit costlier than the ordinary grass and it costs around $5 to $20 per square foot to install. Once this grass is downed on floor it lasts up to 15 to 25 years. It doesn’t require that attention and maintenance as the natural one.

There are few things which are essential to maintain the texture of synthetic grass for realistic look. Their height ranges from 10mm to 55mm, and depending on the area and necessity one can choose it to enhance the beauty of their homes. The professionally laid sod costs only 14 to 60 cents per square foot but the expenditure to maintain it keeps increasing with time as you need to water, mow and fertilize the grass. Hence the difference between the two is you need to spend more money and time on natural grass where as the synthetic grass can be installed with few bucks and are long lasting. They are easy to install, maintain and solves your weeding, watering and fertilizing woes.

Good news for nature lovers, the one who likes greenery everywhere can install this synthetic grass on their Roof Tops, Lawns, Inside of Homes, Dog runs, Patio pavers (as a decorative border in between), Children play areas, Pool surroundings, Backyards and few more. It is advantageous in terms of saving water, money and need of hiring a gardener to maintain this grass. Nowadays there is great demand for this synthetic grass and its growth rate is around 10% to 15% every year among the residents of US who often use it for recreation and landscaping.


With busy day to day schedules and less space for gardening the Artificial Grass makes one beautify with greenery on both inside and outside of their house. This type of grass needs less attention to maintain and makes one task hassle free for mowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing. It can be installed on rooftop, balconies, porticos, backyards, lawns and even near pool surroundings and children play areas.

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